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What could having healthy credit mean for you and your business? Great question because credit can be many factors that determines a lot. Your worth, collateral and ability to deliver a service or product on time. Maybe the funding such as grants, loans or investors. Or something simple as needing credit to bid on contracts. Learn how to build your scores, lower your risks and improve your ratings.

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Business Trade References

Our company can help you report financial lines, lines of credit, non-financial credit experiences, equipment and vehicle leasing ranging from 10k to 250k.

Personal Development

Starting out new or sometimes for existing businesses, you will need personal credit and that’s referred to as a PG or Personal Grantor, if your business doesn’t have established credit. With 25+ years in this field, we know what to do.

Business Credit

Building with D&B is one thing and it does help your company. But when you build with other Agencies such as: Equifax Business, Experian Business, SBFE, Paynet and others, then you on your way to real Funding.

Business Protection

Understanding what protects you and your business is a very important factor that business owners tend to overlook. Are you personally protected from LLC or INC? How to protect my personal assets from my business? What if I’m sued or my company is being sued?


Businesses can grow with money and investments weather it be retirement, your savings, your salary but if you could use others money and investment.

Business Consulting

Knowing what it takes to register your company correctly, certification that are needed, licensing that are required, the structure of company, consultation and other important factors we can explore for your business.

Non-Profit Corporations

Starting a nonprofit can be very exciting but challenging. You have a purpose or passion performing some type of public or community benefit, without the purpose of making a profit. Are non-profits able to make profit?

Profit Corporations

Are you looking to start a for-profit corporation? Do you need an existing corporation? How about a corporation that’s aged? What are the differences of S Corps, C Corps, LLCs, PCs or INCs. What’s best for you?

Business Development

The structure and development of your business is a key factor when it comes to building your company and branding your business. Our partner MeekMind a premier branding agency can give you all the tools you need to start your business  the right way.


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With the extensive knowledge in credit and the science of business, DB Consultants and Bo Knows Credit maintains a team of professionals. Our technology provided by TCU Software  and our consultant team will bring a combined experience of know-how and simplicity to the market. Understanding how businesses really works and the changes that come alone with it, will help you be or become more successful.

Donnell Bobo

Founder & CEO

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What our clients says?

Christopher ShawFounder/MeekMind.com

We would like to thank Mr. Bobo for showing us the importance and having great credit. They taught us how to really grow our finances to be able to grow our company.

Shamonia WimberlyThe Success Strategist

Our whole credit building experience ws horribale before we contacted DB Consulting. They are super knowledgeable about their industry and are always looking to improve their skills. This passes to the client in grea was.

Marcus PunjabiWholesellers United LLC

I was scared of the whole credit repair thing and put it off so long I thought I was fine. That was until I needed a big purchase for my business and couldn't get it. I got referred to DB Consulting and the rest was history. One of the best decisions I ever made for my business.

Kendra ElliotKen Banker INC

We have used them several times on some of our clients accounts and as well as ours. DB Consulting has always came through in helping us all.

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